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Fruit Trees New Season 2024

TAKING ORDERS now for NEW SEASON FRUIT TREES which will be arriving from Waimea Nurseries mid June and July. All are dormant so it is a great time to buy and plant. You can choose between bare rooted or potted trees. Bare rooted tend to cope better with transplanting and frequently establish quicker. They are dormant which is preferable for planting but they do need picking up and planting within about a week of arriving (if you can't do this please don't order bare root) . You receive them well-wrapped in peastraw. Or we can pot them for you first if your not quite ready to plant. Standard variety bare root trees are $54 each (as opposed to $58.50 once potted) so it can be a cost effective way to buy. Payment on pick up. Some of the popular varieties do sell out quite fast and some are limited in number. Pick up is from the nursery on Gleniti Rd, Timaru. Choose from:
-Apple Egremont Russet - old English apple from the 19th Century, small round golden apples with sweet tasty flesh. Compact, upright habit and self fertile. Mid season.
-Apple Hetlina -medium sized, crisp red eating apple with high levels of antioxidants. Early, disease reisistant.

-Apricot Moorpark - soft, juicy, free stone apricot with deep yellow fuzzless skin. Eat fresh, bottle or dry. Mid season. Self fertile. Heirloom
-Apricot Cluthalate - late season variety fruiting about 2 weeks after Moorpark. Medium size with sweet juicy flesh. Self fertile
-Apricot Garden Annie - good size semi-freestone bright yellow fruit that are firm and juicy. Semi-dwarf tree. Early season. Self fertile.

-Cherry Stella - large, sweet, dark red fruit. Good producer and pollinator for other varieties. Heavy reliable bearer. Mid season. Self fertile.

- Nashi Nijiseiki - creamy white crisp flesh. Also great as a pollinator for pears. Self fertile

-Nectarine Theo Ching - nice eating white fleshed selection from Nelson with good disease resistance. Have heard good things about this one in the nursery. Mid-late season. Self fertile
-Nectarine Red Gold - red skin, gold flesh that seperates easily from the stone. Large, late season and good eating. Self fertile

-Peach Dixired - an early season red skin, yellow fleshed variety with nice flavour. Said to be more resistant to leafcurl (not immune!). Freestone, Mid season. Self fertile
-Healy's Peacherine - actually a nectarine/peach cross. Great eating and bottling. Sweet and juicy flesh. Late season. Self fertile

-Pear Williams bon Chretien - also known as the Bartlett pear. Large, long necked, yellow-green fruit. Good eating and bottling with good flavour. Like most pears this will need a pollinator (we have options in the nursery). Early season.

-Plum Billington - first of the dark red skin and fleshed plums to ripen, cropping heavily around Christmas. All purpose with good sweet flavour. Early. Self fertile
- Plum Reine Claude de Bavay - a lovely heavy cropping Greengage which has the advantage of being self fertile. I can vouch for this one - the fruit, though small, are amazing eating - if you can beat the birds!
- Plum Santa Rosa - medium to large purple skin with pink tinged yellow juicy flesh with a tangy flavour. Early to mid season. Self fertile

We also have the following dwarf bare root fruit trees available
- Dwarf Apricot Aprigold - a dwarf apricot to 1.8m tall but with full size early season fruit. Tangy, highly coloured with lots of flavour. Self fertile. $65 bare root, $69 potted.
- Dwarf Nectarine Garden Delight - dwarf nectarine to 1.5m but with full sized freestone fruit with red skin and yellow flesh that is sweet and juicy. Self fertile. 60cm standard. $65 bare root, $69 potted

Lots of other varieties already in stock too!
If you would like to order any of these let us know. If you do order bare root trees please be prepared to pick up promptly when they arrive as they can not be kept bare rooted for long. Happy to answer any questions you may have...