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Coriander slow bolt


An annual with a flavour that is either loved or hated.  According to James Wong in his book Grow for Flavour studies have shown that which side of the love/hate divide your on depends on whether you have a certain gene.  A majority do not have the gene and so like coriander.  Who would've thought!  A short lived plant it has a reputation for being tricky to grow but as long as you stick to the 3 following tips you should be fine

1. plant it somewhere cool in the garden - hot conditions indicate to the plant that it's time is nigh and it should start to reproduce before this happens - hence it starts going to seed

2. transfer seedlings while still small - while those big luscious looking plants at some plant centres may make you feel your getting ahead of the game they are really condemning you to a very short and frustrating relationship with coriander.  We don't sell our seedlings once over a certain height (we biff them!)

3.Come to terms with the fact that this really is a short term crop and if you have it for 6 to 8 weeks before it goes to seed then you are doing well. Hope it self seeds or just keep buying and planting.  Oh and eat the seeds.

Seasonal.  Available in spring and autumn.  If you would like to order now for when they are next available please e-mail