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Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved


Brassica oleracea   Heirloom.  Hardy.
This variety is a strong grower and the sprouts are beautifully buttery in flavour. Though traditional wisdom often suggests planting Brussels sprouts in autumn I find that they need longer in the ground before winter for sprouts to develop so now always plant them in spring.  Pulling the leaves off below each sprout stimulates their growth. Brussels sprouts taste even better after a frost as they react to the cold by producing sugars and so taste sweeter to eat.  Cooked halved in a pan with butter and a good amount of salt and pepper they are a real winter treat. For more on Brussels Sprouts see my blog.   Allow 60cm. Punnet of 6 seedlings.

Seasonal.  Available in spring and autumn.  If you would like to order now for when they are next available please e-mail