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Add fantastic flavour and variety to your meals.


Packed with vitamins, nutrients and minerals, microgreens are a great addition to your diet.   Keep them in the kitchen or on the patio for ease of use.  Microgreens are cut once the second leaves appear and add a great flavour punch used fresh or added to cooked dishes at the last minute.


A great source of winter greens, use in salads, sandwiches and cooked dishes - in any dish you would use the full grown version. Microgreens have good flavour so a little goes a suprisingly long way.


Studies show that the nutrient levels in microgreens are higher than in the full grown leaves of the same plant.


Once you've tried them they become an essential part of your kitchen.




Harvesting Microgreens

Snip what you need with scissors or cut with a sharp knife. Harvest as close to eating as possible.  Microgreens are grown to be used once but can regrow if cut above the first leaves.  If washing is needed a swish in a colander is quick and easy.  If seed hulls remain attached they will float to the top when immersed in water.


If needed microgreens can be stored for later use in airtight containers or bags then placed in the fridge.


Caring for your microgreens

Micorgreens can be kept in the kitchen or on a patio.  Anywhere with light.  They can also be kept outside if weather conditions are suitable for the particular variety though they may not stay as clean or be as convenient to use.  Keep soil just moist - not waterlogged.  Avoid leaving them sitting in water especially in the colder months.


Microgreens can become woody if left to grow to long.





Pea Fiji Feathers – has the taste of fresh peas.  Cut when around 5cm high.  They will regrow if not cut to low.  Great in salads, stirfrys or any other way you would use snow peas.


Radish Rambo – beautiful purple leaves add colour and bite to salads, sandwiches, crackers and cooked dishes


Kale Mesclun – sweet, crisp and crunchy blend of 4 different varieties.


Green Broccoli – a hit of green goodness for any dish you would normally use broccoli, including salads.


Celery- stringless, cruchy baby celery. Cut when 5cm high for salads, soups, stirfrys and sandwiches.


Mustard – serrated leaf with mild mustard flavour


Cress – combine with mustard microgreens for the classic mustard and cress sandwich combination


Sorrel – refreshing citrus taste traditionally used in some European and Thai dishes.  Good with fish and in salads.


Shungiku Chrysanthemum – crisp serrated leaves.  Unique flavour.  Compliments Asain style dishes


Herb Microgreens -  coriander, dill, fennel, parsley.  These are fantastic!  Use in any dish you would use the full grown herb.


Wheatgrass – Highly nutritious, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes.  Harvest at 25cm high.  Liquidize in blender.  Drink 5-10 ml (1 to 2 teaspoons) per day preferably with meals, washed down with 2 glasses of water.  Can refrigerate for a week or freeze with no goodness lost.

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